about us

OGLOO; It is a home textile brand in a global vision that combines quality with leading technology and innovations with designs that make a difference, for healthy and comfortable sleep, which is the right of consumers.

The OGLO brand aims to be a leading brand in the home textile industry on a local, regional and global scale.

It aims to provide customers with a trend-setting, accessible luxury and comfort experience.

It aims to enrich customers' lifestyles in their homes with their original designs, high quality products and customer-oriented service understanding.

With its innovative and original products, it aims to bring comfort and elegance together by providing customers with a unique home textile experience. With a vision of continuous self-improvement and a leading position, it works to gain credibility and loyalty in the home textile industry. It always prioritizes customer satisfaction and is committed to providing quality standard products as a brand.

OGLO, with the support of its production partner Ilkon Tekstil; It has one of the largest quilting and filling facilities in Europe and operates within 15,000 square meters of indoor space. This modern and spacious facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to realize the production of high-quality home textile products.

OGLO's production facilities are capable of producing more than 20,000,000 textile products annually. This includes a variety of home textile products such as pillows, quilts, bedspreads, blankets, alleles, duvet covers, sponge beds, sleeping bags and even carpets. In addition, it is engaged in the production of more than 10,000,000 square meters of floor group products annually with a production facility of 25,000 square meters.

OGLO has a wide variety of fabrics. It gives customers a choice of customized products with a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures. This diversity allows customers to choose home textile products that suit their different styles and preferences.

In addition, the simultaneous production capacity of OGLO is quite impressive. Up to 30,000 pillows, up to 30,000 quilts, up to 20,000 blankets, 20,000 blankets, up to 20,000 blankets, 20,000 alezes, up to 5,000 bedding sets, up to 8,000 sponge beds, up to 8,000 sleeping bags and 8,500 square meters monthly.

Thanks to this impressive production capacity, it puts customer satisfaction at the forefront. It also prides itself on offering products that meet high quality standards and solidifies brand loyalty.

OGLO's strong production capacity coupled with its ability to deliver innovative products, the brand constantly aims to be in a leading position in the home textile industry. OGLO provides superior quality home textile products by strictly implementing precision, quality control standards and technological innovation in production processes.

The production capacity of OGLO provides rapid response to customer demands and the ability to address a variety of markets quickly. Working at high speed and efficiency, production lines make it possible to provide customers with a wide range of products. It is also able to provide original solutions for customer needs thanks to its customized production ability.

OGLO also adopts the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility in the production process. It attaches importance to waste management and energy saving by using environmentally friendly materials. Innovative technologies and methods in the manufacturing process support achieving sustainability goals.

The breadth and effectiveness in production capacity increases OGLO's growth potential and competitiveness in the international market. It is a step towards the goal of becoming a global brand by providing quality products to customers at home and abroad worldwide.

With its perfectionist approach in manufacturing processes, OGLO will continue to produce quality home textile products and provide customers with a unique experience.