Terms of Return and Delivery

Your order will be delivered free of charge by Domestic Cargo or Hepsijet companies and insured by loomis security.

The product you purchase is specially prepared for you according to your preferences specified during the order. In the special wooden box, the product certificate, invoice and waybill document are safely delivered to the address you specify, along with the gift note. Your order is under Oglohome assurance until it is delivered to you by the shipping company.

If you wish, you can give your invoice to yourself and your gift to your loved ones by giving different delivery and billing addresses.

In how many days your order will be delivered to the cargo company, it is stated on the detail page of the product you purchased. (1-2 working days for products that are in our stock, maximum 7 working days for products that need to be produced)

You can contact customer service on 0555 555 55 55 about stock information.

Prepared orders are delivered to the cargo company on Saturday (until 14:00), Sunday, public holidays and holidays.

The cargo company delivers except Sundays, public holidays and holidays.

You will be notified by email when your order is delivered to the shipping company.

If you want to take your order through the fast courier (in Istanbul), you can take advantage of this service by paying an extra fee to the courier company.

If the buyer cannot be found at the delivery address, the cargo company leaves a notice of visit. If the buyer who left a visit notice note does not contact the cargo company within 3 days, the cargo company package www.oglohome.com Brings it back to.

Please check the products you ordered by comparing them to the dispatch at the time of delivery. In case you think the products are missing or damaged, do not receive the package by making a report to the cargo authority. Yistandco.com you can contact the order authority. Your order will be delivered to you as soon as possible by making the necessary examination. When you receive the product, you agree that the cargo company has fully fulfilled its duty.

You can contact us for any questions and issues on these issues.